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What is a BEST Course?

Every year Local BEST Groups across Europe organise an Academic Course about Technology or Career Related Skills open to all European students of universities belonging to the BEST network. Here, you can join up to 30 like-minded peers to complement your studies through company visits, case studies, and unique classes. 

Our BEST Courses offer a unique chance for this while travelling and making new friends. Taught in English by certified speakers, these courses facilitate international collaboration and a break from the routine. This is your chance to combine education with adventure while exploring Europe and meeting new people!

What's our course about?

Embark on a transformative 9-day journey towards sustainability with our intensive program that brings together European students for a total of 26 hours of immersive learning and lots of fun and friendship. This unique course aims to provide a well-rounded understanding of environmental, social and economic sustainability by blending theory and practice

Key Features:

Join us in shaping a sustainable future. Let's equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills needed to make a lasting impact.

Learning Goals:

This survival guide, which you can access by pressing the icon, will briefly summarize what you should pay attention to before and after the event.

You can get an idea about what we will do during our event in this schedule, which you can access by pressing the icon.


Main Organizer of BCS'24 Istanbul

Phone: +90 531 359 1017

Mail: [email protected] 

Instagram: hazar_gungorr

Main Organizer of BCS'24 Istanbul

Phone: +90 532 693 6152

Mail: [email protected]

Instagram: erdem.yagiz_